Behind the scenes at MBO

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Dear Mount Burnettigiri,

School holidays are upon us, but things don’t stop at MBO. We have Young Observers coming up this Saturday and a Public Viewing session on Thursday. If the weather holds we hope to run our Astrotrail event around Emerald Lake on the final Saturday of the holiday… and of course there are Friday night members’ nights. Busy busy busy.

I will be off to the annual Astronomical Society of Australia meeting in Brisbane next week and I hope to launch our exoplanet naming website while I am there. Have you heard? MBO is running the competition to name an exoplanet! The star is HD 38283 and the planet is Saturn size and orbits at roughly Earth-orbit. But wait for more details when the website launches.

Speaking of websites, our new observatory website is attracting lots of attention.

The new web page manages membership renewals. When you get your email reminder that your membership is expiring, here are your new instructions.

  1. Go to the page and fill in a membership application (as if you are a new member)
  2. Fill in all the details for you and any children and concession members
  3. Read and agree to abide by our rules, and codes of conduct
  4. The MBO web team will go back and add your original membership number and joining date etc
  5. You will now have access to members page on the new page AND access to member discounts on our expanding range of clothing and MBO branded items (thermos anyone)?

Yours in an MBO beanie